Pit Garage – 2023 ULTIMATE TRACK DAY


PIT GARAGES for 2023 4 & Rotary Nationals Ultimate Track Day at Hampton Downs (Full garage only). Each full garage (2 sides) will fit up to 6 cars, has lights, electricity and provide shelter and easy access to the track.

The 4 & Rotary Nationals Ultimate Track Day returns to Hampton Downs 29 January 2023. A full day of track cruising, roll racing, wet skid pan, drifting and all the fun stuff we love to see and do. Hampton Downs will be packed full of the toughest cars around, with access to the entire venue (National Circuit, Club Circuit, Skid Pan).   This is your chance to cruise with passengers around Hampton Downs in a controlled, safe environment. There are lots of different sessions throughout the day giving you the chance to let loose on the track to do all the things you aren’t allowed to do out on the roads. Open to to all makes and models. No WOF or Rego required, however your vehicle will need to go through a brief safety check and you will need a minimum Restricted License.  $30 late fee kicks in January 6.

Sessions include: Cruising sessions, Roll Racing, Grip Sessions, Wet Skid Pan, Drifting and much more

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