Burnout Masters NZ – Round 1


GAME ON!! 2024 will see NZ’s first ever Burnout Masters series where two NZ events will offer two exclusive golden tickets with direct entry to compete in Australia’s world famous Burnout Masters grand final to be held in Canberra at the beginning of 2025.

Brought to you by Downtime Entertainment, NZ’s first qualifying round will be held at ‘The Nats’ in January 2024. The second bite of the Burnout Masters cherry takes place later in the year at the 2024 AutoFest, where the winner of that competition will also automatically earn inclusion in the official Burnout Masters Game for mobile devices (Available on Google Play / App Store)

WINNERS of the NZ events will be thrown directly into the Saturday’s top shelf Burnout Masters qualifying session, where they’ll compete against more than 30 of the nation’s tyre frying elite. They’ll also receive paid surface shipping for their vehicle, flights, accommodation allowance, plus entry into the Burnout Masters fiercely fought grand final.

The Burnout Masters NZ series is the only series outside of Australia that offers golden ticket pathways to compete at the extreme motorsport’s mighty showdown! So it’s a pretty big deal!

WHEN: Saturday 27/01/2024
WHERE: NAPA Auto Parts Dragway
TIME: 03:30pm till late
SCRUITINEERING: 04:30pm (Scrutineering Shed)

WHEN: Sunday 28/01/2024
WHERE: NAPA Auto Parts Dragway
DRIVERS DRAW: 04:30pm (Burnout Pad)
START: 05:00pm – Finished

NOTE : Times may change on the day, please keep up to date on the Downtime Entertainment Facebook page for announcements/updates.  The 2024 Burnout Masters NZ ROUND 1 is part of the 2024 4 & Rotary Nationals Drag Day and will commence after the drag racing has completed.

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