Media Accreditation

Media accreditation for 2024 4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree / Impulsive Rotary Only Day 3.0 2-3 March 2024 Manfeild.

  • E.g. Cool Pics NZ
  • Are you covering the event for someone else? if so, who?

    I indemnify Downtime Entertainment, associated companies, sponsors, land owners or leasers, organisers of the event or any representatives against any liability in the event of an accident or incident, death, or any bodily injury, loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me as a result on my participation in or being present at the event.

    I agree to abide by the following conditions:

    1. I acknowledge and agree as a: Photographer – Journalist – Photojournalist that motor racing is dangerous and accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and damage to property can, and do, happen. I appreciate the likelihood and nature of such events in motor sport and participate in this activity at my own risk.
    2. I must follow direction given by Downtime Entertainment, Security, Track staff and officials at all times.
    3. I must remain behind safety barriers at all times and must wear a high vis vest during any form of motorsport action.
    4. I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times and show consideration for other media representatives and event entrants at all times.
    5. Any professional filming AND/OR drone use is not permitted without prior written consent from Downtime Entertainment. If you do so without written consent of Downtime Entertainment you may be removed from the venue.
    6. I acknowledge that touting for business at a Downtime Entertainment event is strictly prohibited.
    7. I understand that Downtime Entertainment reserves the right to revoke accreditation and take necessary action should I put myself or others at danger or breach media accreditation conditions.