AutoFest – Vehicle Safety Check + Safety requirements

Vehicle Safety Check

Even though no WOF or REGO is required, every vehicle has to complete a basic Safety Check before you are allowed out on the main track at Hampton Downs (Sunday Only). This is for your safety, and the safety of those around you. Safety check will take place when you arrive once you’ve gone through the registration desk where you’ll receive your window entrant sticker, you will only need to do this once. IMPORTANT: Sunday is for cruising only (110kph speed limit) and is not a racing/drifting session.

All vehicles (if you vehicle has a current WOF, these checks will be minimal)

  • Brake lights (must be in working condition)
  • Indicators (not required for dedicated track cars)
  • Legal tread on tires
  • Fuel leaks
  • Oil leaks
  • Wheel nuts secured
  • Seat belts. (SUNDAY ONLY – A seat belt is required for all drivers and passengers out on the main track. Even the vehicles from the factory without a seat belt, it should have one installed SUNDAY ONLY).
  • Noise limit (All tracks have noise limits and you are to obey by the track limits. If your car exceeds the limits then you will be asked to rectify this and if still persists then you won’t be allowed to take your car back out on the track)
  • Structural damage
  • IMPORTANT… if you’re doing burnouts or ‘Light em up Lane’, please ensure none of your rims have wheel weights. This is very important. All cars will be turned away at the tip in if there are wheel weights on the wheels which will result in you forfeiting your turn. This is for the safety of everyone in close proximity to the pad. Don’t miss your chance due to a wheel weight.
  • If you’ve entered the Saturday track activities at Meremere Dragway, please make sure you understand the requirements for you and your vehicle, you can check on the website

Extra checks for vehicles that are not road worthy e.g. dedicated drift cars, burnout cars, race cars.

  • Fuel system has to be fully sealed from drivers compartment
  • Secured seats
  • No sharp objects that can cause injury

Please take the time to check over your car and gear prior to the event.

Safety Requirements:

Cruising on the main track (Sunday Only)

  • Seatbelts (No seatbelt, No track time). Even if the vehicle did not come out without seatbelt from the factory.
  • Enclosed Shoes
  • Vehicles equipped with roll cages that is in front of the driver must have padding on it.

‘Light em up’ lane (Saturday)

  • Seatbelts (No seatbelt, No burnout)
  • Enclosed Shoes
  • Long sleeve shirt & pants OR Race suit

Burnout Comp (Saturday)

  • Seatbelts (No seatbelt, No burnout)
  • Enclosed Shoes
  • Race suit OR long sleeve shirt & pants
  • Motorsport helmet
  • Only ONE passenger allowed (Passengers must have the same safety gear as the driver).


  • Passengers allowed in the cruising sessions on the main track (Sunday only)
  • Only ONE passenger allowed for Burnouts. (Passengers must have the same safety gear as the driver – see above).
  • Track Staff reserve the right to remove passengers if safety is an issue

Please take the time to check over your car and gear prior to the event to make sure you can partake in all the activities you want to over the weekend. There will be random breath testing during the weekend.