Thank you for entering the 2021 4 & Rotary Nationals, your entry has been confirmed. Please keep an eye on the Facebook event page HERE or www.4androtary.co.nz for any updates/announcements.


Please bring this confirmation with you either printed out or displayed on your mobile device.




WHEN: 29/01/2021 (Pack In Day)
WHERE: GATE 4, Claudelands Event Centre, Brooklyn Rd, Hamilton
TIME: 02:00PM to 08:00pm

Show entrants must arrive on set up day between 2pm - 8pm NO EXCEPTIONS through GATE 4, follow the instructions from our staff who will direct you where you need to go.


WHEN: 30/01/2021 (Event Day)
WHERE: GATE 3, Claudelands Event Centre, Brooklyn Rd, Hamilton
TIME: 08:00am to 5:00pm

Show entrants can enter the show hall from 08:00am through GATE 3 for any final touches before gates open to the public. NOTE : This gate is the main public entry gate.


WHEN: 31/01/2021 (Event Day)
WHERE: Meremere Dragway
TIME: 03:00pm till late (Gates open at 1:30pm)

  1. All drivers in a street legal car must wear a helmet and clolsed in shoes. For competition vehicles, please refer to the official IHRA rule book.
  2. All riders/drivers must have a minimum of a restricted licence, bike riders can race on a learners licence on an approved LAMs bike.
  3. Any driver/rider that goes quicker than 11.00 seconds must have an IHRA/NZDRA drag racing licence.
  4. All vehicles must have a current WOF and registration. Any vehicle quicker than 11.00 must must also have an IHRA/NZDRA drag racing tech. A current MSNZ log book and licence can be used as long as the vehicle does not go quicker than 10.00 seconds.
  5. All bike riders on street legal bikes must wear a helmet, closed in shoes and long pants. It is highly recommended that a bike jacket and gloves be worn. For competition bikes, please refer to the official IHRA NZ rule book.


WHEN: 31/01/2021 - 01/02/2021 (Event Days)
WHERE: GATE 2, Hampton Downs
TIME: 08:00am to 5:00pm

Registration (07:30am to 11:00am)
Drivers Briefing (08:30am - 12:00pm)

If you're going on the track, make sure you arrive before 11am with plenty of time to go through Registration, Safety Check and Drivers Briefing. You will NOT be allowed on the track if you have not attended these 3 things. Please give your car a quick check over before you bring your car out to the track. Please check your brake pads to ensure they have enough pad life to last the day, check your tyres (inner edge of tyre too), all fluid levels and make sure that there is nothing loose or unsecured on your vehicle. If you are found to have any items deemed unsafe, you will be refused entry to the track. If you have done drivers briefing on the Sunday, you do not need to do the drivers briefing again on the Monday.

Requirements for Show:
WOF or Reg aren't required, however 3rd Party insurance is preferred as 4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 Ltd takes no liability for any damages or loss at the event.

Conditions of Show Entry:
All vehicles must be in a reasonable condition including neat and tidy presentation. We reserve the right to refuse vehicle entry if vehicle is not up to standard. Vehicles entered in the show are not permitted to start their engines or leave the halls until the event is closed. Keys must not be left in the vehicle, however vehicles should be left unlocked if you'd like your interior judged. Entrants must accept directions and decisions from all event officials, management, judges & fire wardens. No correspondence will be entered into. Judges decisions are final. Failure to comply with the conditions of entry will result in dismissal from the event and all entry entitlement cancelled. No refund will be given.

Behaviour: All entrants must conduct themselves in a civil and well-behaved manner at all times.

4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD reserves the right to refuse entry. Security will be in force all weekend and the police will be notified of the event. 4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD officials reserve the right to discipline or disqualify any person/s who behave in an irresponsible manner. Any person/s may be held responsible for any damage to property fittings/surroundings (This includes fluid spills). Entrants are not permitted to conduct any business activity including buying/selling transactions, the display or distribution of promotional materials e.g. business cards, brochures, banners, for sale or company/promotional signs. The organizers (4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD) will not be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to property, vehicle or persons resulting from the attendance of the event. The organizers (4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD) have the right to deny access to any vehicle or persons into the event if they fail to comply to the conditions of entry. The organizers (4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 Ltd) reserve the right to add or delete trophy categories or alter judging to suit each event, as they see fit. A full list of categories will be sent to each entrant in the show prior to the event.

Conditions of Track Entry:
In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, (and as a condition of the purchase or issue of a competitor/spectator pass/ticket): You agree to release 4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD, promoters, sponsor organizations, land owners and lessees, organisers of the event, their respective servants, officials, representatives and agents (collectively, the 'Associated Entities') from all liability for your death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage) ('harm') howsoever arising from your participation in or attendance at the event, except to the extent prohibited by law; you agree that 4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD and the Associated Entities do not make any warranty, implied or express, that the event services will be provided with due care and skill or that any materials provided in connection with the services will be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied; and you agree to attend or participate in the event at your own risk. You acknowledge that the risks associated with attending or participating in the event include the risk that you may suffer harm as a result of: motor vehicles (or parts of them) colliding with other motor vehicles, persons or property; acts of violence and other harmful acts whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons attending or participating in the event; and the failure or unsuitability of facilities (including grand-stands, fences and guard rails) to ensure the safety of persons or property at the event. You acknowledge that motorsport is dangerous and that accidents causing harm can and do happen and may happen to you. You accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending or participating in the event and being provided with the event services by 4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD and the Associated Entities.

There are no refunds but you can transfer your entry to someone else (There is a facility on this website to do this).

Advertising release:
As a condition of entry, each entrant for themselves, as agent for accompanying adult and as parent or guardian for an accompanying child, grant the event promoter, 4 & Rotary Promotions 2019 LTD, the exclusive right to photograph, video or film, or portrayal without names or credits as the event promoter may in their absolute discretion think fit.

Please head to www.4androtary.co.nz to find out all you need to know.


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